Vianney Castro
Vianney Castro
Owner of Super Gomas Hazleton, PA
As a roofing company they did my flat roof 3,000 SF in TPO Flat Roofing material in only one day, the work is perfect and the price was very affordable. They did everything they promised.
Don F.
Wilkes Barre, PA
Very large garage roof done in 2 DAYS.. Needed Plywood and a Tear Off.. They could have been done in 1 day but Weather came in and rained.. They cleaned up and swept up!
Ann H.
Tamaqua, PA
They did a great job. All the guys were very knowledgeable of the job. They were all sweet guys. I Definitely Recommend Them!
Lynn D.
Lynn D.
Easton, PA
The service was good. They are doing the work as we speak. They were Courteous and Reliable
Minette M.
Berwick, PA
If we ever need anything done in the future, these are the guys we will be calling. We were amazed at how fast they replaced our Shingle Roof. From start to finish, including clean up, was a total of only 6 hrs. They were professional and efficient. Both John and Chuck were very easy to work with. We were quoted a price before work was done, and in the end, that was the price we paid. I would Highly Recommend!
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